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Global Strategic Sourcing

Transform your approach, identify opportunities – and unlock value across your supply chain.

That sounds simple enough, but a flawed approach to this challenge prevents many companies from reaching their growth and earnings potential. Without benchmarking and internal alignment, many investments bear little fruit, leaving vast profits untapped and out of reach.

It’s easy to point to outdated systems and processes as headwinds, but systems upgrades and process overhauls demand resources. Getting the most out of these investments starts with benchmarking against industry best practices — and aligning procurement with the overarching business strategy.

Sourcing for success

Zimmertec AG turns global strategic sourcing into your competitive advantage. We specialize in helping organizations transform their global procurement and sourcing strategies to boost efficiencies and increase earnings. After coupling your knowledge and insights with the experience of our consultants, we put our 11 Gate Process to work, analyzing hundreds of purchase categories and identifying key opportunities to unlock the pent-up value in your organization’s supplier relationships. To date, our process has yielded more than $10 billion in savings to our clients’ bottom lines, and our clients’ success keeps on growing.

More than 90% of Fortune 1,000 companies have pursued strategic supply chain initiatives. Many of them have chosen Zimmertec because our commitment to collaboration, in-depth training, and side-by-side implementation creates the personalized sourcing solution that allows them to flourish with substantial financial gains.

Our approach to global strategic sourcing:

  • Focuses on total cost management
  • Guarantees results and margin enhancement
  • Benchmarks against industry leaders
  • Identifies low-cost country sourcing opportunities
  • Builds cross-functional teams
  • Transforms supplier relationships into alliances
  • Specializes in highly complex purchase categories
  • Draws on deep international purchasing experience
  • Comes complete with a sourcing strategy for private equity

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Our partners have saved
$10+ Billion across 2,000 Categories

500,000+ supplier profiles. 5,000+ supplier negotiations. 1,000+ executive training sessions. Our consultants hold the tools and experience to deliver results.