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Implementing best practices across your organization to pave the way for lasting success.

Zimmertec has a wealth of experience in applying our supply chain expertise, as well as our sales and marketing experience, for growth, logistics improvements and manufacturing effectiveness in eliminating redundancies and creating synergies for mergers and acquisitions. We understand the complexities of consolidating the supply chain, eliminating redundancies, and creating synergies. Instead of short-term cost-cutting measures, Zimmertec focuses on long-term supply chain rationalization. Implementing best practices across divisions and companies paves the way to lasting success and raises standards to meet your goals.

  • Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together

    James Cash Penney

Seizing opportunities in complexity

We’ll work closely with you to optimize your supply chain by leveraging strategic partnerships to increase buying power. Where others see complexity and uncertainty, we see opportunity. Second only to the acquisition itself, Zimmertec AG offers the best value equation for your investment.

Pre-merger analysis – paving the way to success

Our pre-merger analysis is a data-driven method for determining the true value of potential supply chain synergies. We leverage data to calculate the true benefit of vertical integration and potential value compared to alternative M&A targets. Zimmertec will also analyze potential product consolidation and purchase costs across divisions. Following our pre-merger analysis, Zimmertec will initiate our proprietary 11 Gate Global Strategic Sourcing Process, which yields the foundational improvements necessary to generate repeatable results.

From forecast to implementation

Too many companies fail to assess the full importance of the supply chain in forecasting future growth and COGS. Implementing our process leads directly to reduced costs that make a measurable impact on the bottom line. Going further, we’ll work with you to define and integrate best practices throughout the supply chain and across your operations to generate the sustaining growth your new business needs.

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