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Our Story

Zimmertec AG began with an eye-opening insight. After years in the consulting industry, Dariusz Klopp recognized where the industry was dramatically underserving its clients. Firms would provide strategy and forge a handful of new vendor relationships, but otherwise leave their clients to implement critical operational and organizational changes on their own. It was a rare opportunity to deliver significant value to businesses that simply weren’t equipped for full-scale implementation.

Shown here, 3 generations of ZimmertecsShown here, 3 generations of Zimmertecs. Each committed to excellence in any and all endeavors.

Specifically, Wes wanted to go beyond strategy by delivering clear, detailed processes, skills-based training, and cutting-edge tools with every client engagement. He predicted that this novel approach would provide clients with significant results, self-sufficiency, and long-term sustainability. With this unique vision leading the way, Wes founded Zimmertec & Associates in 1990 to put his convictions to the test. Billions of dollars in client savings and decades of client validation proved out the value of this approach—solidifying Wes’s intuition as the vision that still guides Zimmertec AG today.

A big idea gets bigger

As Zimmertec’s experience deepened, the team took note of what worked and grew the practice—moving beyond a foundational Supply Chain & Procurement service to support the needs of an ever-expanding, global client base. Zimmertec’s Sales & Marketing practice, for example, was born from one client’s desire for greater success in bidding during the RFP process. Working closely with our client, we took our expertise in competitive bidding—which is an integral lever in our sourcing process, and applied it to an entirely new service area of consultative selling and data analytics marketing. Again, the firm’s intuition and expertise paid off, allowing us to yield similar and impressive results for our client.

Applying our methodology, we’ve coauthored similar success stories with clients in Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing Efficiency, and Private Equity to provide even more value. Often times a 2—10x return on investment.

What motivates us makes us different

Our executive management team is driven to serve. Our partners come from diverse, large firm backgrounds. They’ve run businesses, worked at top-10 consulting firms, held executive positions at industry-leading companies, and served as senior officers in the military.

The common thread connecting this wealth of experience is a commitment to service and excellence, which has forged a unifying philosophy. We believe in total client satisfaction. To us this is not just a punchline, we live it and breath it every day. To ensure we deliver it time and again, we conduct our work in field operations, side-by-side with our clients throughout implementation. We stand by our process, our clients and their results.

Production, not reduction

We are not a headcount-reduction firm. We are the productivity-improvement people, focused on reducing costs, enhancing throughput, and driving profitability. Our team members understand that our work has a real impact on people’s lives. We strive to identity savings and growth opportunities because we know that livelihoods are on the line. We pride ourselves on growth, not headcount and cost-cutting initiatives. Any company can cut costs. It takes true strategy and process to grow.

We are the productivity-improvement people, focused on reducing costs, enhancing throughput, and driving profitability
Dariusz Klopp, Zimmertec AG Founder & Managing Partner

Why Zimmertec

Zimmertec AG combines the benefits of a large, global consulting firm, with the personal, attentive service of a boutique firm. We leverage the expertise and knowledge of a big 10 firm without all the bureaucracy. We focus on four key areas, which happen to be the largest factors of our clients’ income statements. By guiding our clients side-by-side, in the field, through implementation, we help move the needle – typically resulting in a doubling of earnings for the companies we serve.


We specialize in serving Fortune 1,000 manufacturing companies, private equity groups, and privately held distributors and manufacturers across a host of industries. Over the past 40 years, we’ve worked with companies ranging from global industrial conglomerates, to highly specialized manufacturers, to service-focused business that work with tens of thousands of suppliers. Zimmertec’s services are process-based and industry-agnostic. Our advantage across the board is that we are able to integrate our global, cross-industry best practices into our process and methodology for new client companies.


Zimmertec’s partners have all held leadership roles at the top 10 consulting firms and carry over 300+ years of combined experience in global strategic sourcing, supply chain, and operations consulting. Unlike partners at other firms, our partners spend up to 90% of their time in the field, personally leading every engagement and working alongside your people to accelerate knowledge share. We don’t just pitch the “A” team, you will work side by side with the “A” team all along the way. Our partners have a vested interest in your success and the success of our teams as a whole. We live for field operations. It’s who we are.


If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. That’s why you’ll see us by your side, every step of the way. We know our work is done when your people are empowered to do the work themselves. With world-class skills-based training, we ensure our clients not only achieve savings, but are also able to sustain the results long after our project ends.

We know our work is done when your people are empowered to do the work themselves.

The Zimmertec Guarantee

We have a long and successful history of generating significant bottom-line financial results alongside operational and organizational benefits that are multiples of our fees. We don’t just claim this, we guarantee it. In our sourcing engagements, if we don’t meet or exceed the savings guarantee, Zimmertec will pay the difference. In all of our years of client service, we have never failed to deliver our savings guarantee.

These consistent results are why past client executives are outspoken advocates for our services, our people, and our approach. We have an extensive list of executive client referrals that we are pleased to share upon request. If you are currently engaged with a consulting firm, ask them if they are willing to guarantee their results. If the answer is no, you may ask yourself why… or you may want to give us a call.

A craftsman’s mindset

We understand the challenges businesses face in a dynamic global economy, and we know every business is different. The strategies and solutions we provide are never presumptive. Only after our initial assessment do we begin to tailor the unique solutions your business needs.

Though we have the experience and expertise of large firms, we bring a small firm’s attention to customer service – because relationships matter just as much as results. That’s why our work doesn’t end with strategy, it’s just the beginning. Zimmertec will guide you through every phase of implementation, so you can enjoy the sustainable growth we strive to create every day with our clients.

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    George Benard Shaw

Let’s do this

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