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Securing long-term sales success through data, strategy and skill-based training.

The meteoric rise of digital marketing and global sourcing has caused a seismic shift in the way businesses approach sales and marketing. Gone are the days of smile-and-dial and other push marketing tactics. Successfully navigating this new landscape requires a deeper understanding of client needs, sourcing processes and consultative selling skills, as well as an omnichannel plan, sophisticated analytics and executional know-how.

“In 2020, digital media is projected to account for 44% ($237 billion) of all marketing money spent globally, with that figure reaching 50% ($291 billion) by 2021.”

Following data to deliver results

Zimmertec AG’s Sales & Marketing practice has helped Fortune 1000 companies solve their most pressing sales and growth issues worldwide. By employing fact-based analysis, real-world thought leadership, and unbiased processes, we help our clients make critical business decisions founded on data and practicality over speculation and assumptions. Results matter to you, which is why they always matter to us.

Building a more effective sales force

We apply rigor and expertise across the revenue-generation process, from identifying key customer needs, to developing profitable value propositions, to training, tooling, and mobilizing your sales force. To ensure our clients employ best practices, we work closely with them to pinpoint which aspects of their sales and marketing plans, processes, tools, and organizational structure needs focus for improvement.

Changes that your team will embrace

Our clients get the results they seek with recommendations that are practical and actionable. More than 25 years in global sales & marketing has taught us both sides of the negotiating table. With distinguishing expertise in purchasing and selling processes, we understand intimately how to execute strategies that work when the rubber hits the road. Adopting new practices can challenge sales & marketing professionals, but winning hearts and minds comes quickly when we demonstrate the efficacy of these methods – especially when we actually train sales forces with contemporary skills needed for success, including:

  • Due diligence customer interviewing skills
  • Executive consultative selling skills
  • Executive communications
  • Selling the value prop vs. benefits
  • Introductory, intermediate and advanced negotiation skills
  • Customer alliance management skills
  • If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less

    General Eric Shinseki

The roadmap for consistent sales & marketing success

In an increasingly dynamic economy, effective sales & marketing are instrumental to success across a growing number of industries. Creating a scalable, repeatable revenue machine requires sales & marketing alignment around the ultimate goal of profitable revenue generation. Here are just a few compelling insights from our experience and our friends at Forester:

  • Aligned sales and marketing organizations achieved an average of 32% annual revenue growth, while less aligned companies reported an average 7% decline in revenue.
  • Organizations with aligned sales & marketing enjoyed 36% higher customer retention rates and achieved 38% higher sales win rates.
  • Companies with dynamic, adaptable sales & marketing processes had an average of 10% more of their sales people on quota.
  • B2B organizations with aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster growth and 27% faster profit growth over a 3-year period.

How can you identify exactly how to improve your performance? Contact us to find out.

Sales Force

For 40 years, Zimmertec AG has helped companies around the world excel at critical sales activities with extraordinary results – from creating the best sales force process & organizational structure, to territory plan & size, to allocation & incentive approach, and integrating sales & marketing programs. We do it with a holistic approach that includes a focus on:

  • Margin improvement
  • Customer profitability
  • Share of customer wallet
  • Sales skill-based training for your team
  • Customer targeting & segmentation
  • Sales prioritization modeling (Sales Pareto)
  • Selling process excellence
  • Business value delivery process improvement
  • Account and activity planning
  • Go-to-market strategy & execution
  • Pipeline strategy & forecasting
  • Sales compensation alignment
  • Sales force design
  • Inside sales strategy
  • Sales leadership
  • Territory management and customer alliance management
  • Sales performance measurement & optimization
  • Leveraging business technology and tools

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed” – Dan Zarella

Leading companies turn to Zimmertec because we help them realize their marketing mandates by creating tailored and practical plans to capitalize on their opportunities. We identify multiple options for creating profitable revenue, optimize their marketing mix; and build programs to substantially improve their return on marketing investment. A Zimmertec marketing plan is not just pretty pictures – we go beyond the brand. We provide strategy, tools, and measurable execution to supplement revenue and generate actionable leads.

  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Marketing prioritization model (Marketing Pareto)
  • Business value delivery process improvement
  • Customer satisfaction, experience & insights
  • Customer segmentation
  • Value proposition development
  • Marketing mix
  • Marketing performance measurement & optimization
  • Pricing strategy
  • Pipeline strategy & forecasting
  • New product excellence
  • Brand Valuation
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand platform development
  • Digital activation
  • Digital acquisition (SEO & SEM)
Your partner in navigating the digital landscape

The migration from traditional to digital marketing has transformed and continues to transform the field of Sales & Marketing. While some strategies and tactics remain relevant, the digital landscape has forced companies to reconsider how they prioritize marketing dollars, how they engage with their customers through digital media, and how to acquire new customers through the myriad of tools and platforms now at their disposal. Zimmertec is well versed in integrating sales & marketing efforts across all channels with cohesive strategy and tactical executions that reach your customers with relevant messages, wherever they are.

While this new landscape may be complex, mastering it means more consumer touch points, deeper levels of engagement, and a flood of actionable insights that will drive revenue and fill your new-business pipeline…profitably.

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