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Identifying inefficiencies at every level, and implementing change to maximize savings and value impact.

Any major consulting firm can point to lack of efficiencies in supply chain and procurement just waiting to be tapped. At Zimmertec, we distinguish ourselves by how deep we go to unlock these inefficiencies, drawing on our areas of expertise, process, data, training, software tools, and implementation assistance. We begin with a high-end supply chain strategy review, share our diagnostics, and define clear benchmarks. We go on to review operations, which includes an assessment of organizational design, setup, and testing, which then extends to recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the ideal people to optimize your supply chain. We offer our recommendations on IT systems and implementation – whether that’s third-party software or a Zimmertec-customized system that supports every aspect of our proprietary 11 Gate Process.

There where you need us most …

Buying and spend analyses, supplier integration, and supplier reduction are integral to our proprietary process, regardless of how deeply you engage with us. Wherever you are as an organization, we’re there to meet you with the appropriate level of services.

Experience, however, shows that optimal results come with commitment to the complete implementation of our 11 Gate Process. The invaluable benefit of full-scale adoption is that it brings all organizational interfaces – from quality assurance, to finance and accounting, to engineering, sourcing, and all other crucial functions – into harmony. This maximizes returns in a one-time push toward simplification, yielding the standardization of agreements, unprecedented alignment and cooperation from key suppliers, and the significant reduction of costs that comes with the sheer reduction of suppliers overall.

  • People only see what they are prepared to see

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

Positive momentum drives further returns

Broad strategic recommendations to improve efficiencies are all well and good, but they ring hollow without a clear course of action. This is where Zimmertec brings differentiating value: we partner with you to create a plan tailored to your organization, and we work by your side to implement it fully to maximize savings.

We’ll show you how to apply the widespread process methodologies to maximize savings garnered from this initial step to support further implementations, opening a positive feedback loop of reinvesting in other services to create a cycle of continuous improvement.

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