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Leveraging logistics to weather change and gain advantage.

When moving goods is part of your business, Transportation Rationalization — efficient and effective distributions and streamlined logistics — matters. The more you rely on transportation for competitive advantage, the more urgent rationalization becomes.

  • Don’t mistake movement for action

    Ernest Hemmingway

Freight costs continue to grow as outsourcing rises in North America and Europe. With China, India, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and other markets deepening their presence in the global supply chain, shipping’s contribution to total cost grows. As it does, your margins and your competitive advantage could become vulnerable to fluctuations in freight, duties, handling issues, and hundreds of accessorial charges. By staying ahead of these manageable factors, you can transform your logistics processes and emerge as a market leader by winning with efficient, cost-effective transportation.

Zimmertec helps companies go out to the global marketplace and interview, negotiate, and select key carriers – from fleet and rail leases to truckload and LTL, ocean to barge, and third-party logistics outsourcing. We’ll even help you build your own fleets if that emerges as the best option. We let data level the playing field and lead the way to the optimal solution.

Solving a numbers game that drives the bottom line

Is 30 nationwide warehouses too many? Is it enough? Leveraging our logistics expertise, which connects us to thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of components, Zimmertec is uniquely positioned to streamline the logistics of your operation. Once we’ve reduced your supply base, we work closely with you to implement a customized inbound program built on warehouse location and minimization studies, cross-checked against all modes of transportation. This is how 30 warehouses can become 9 – not only without disrupting your distribution, but also by making it even more efficient and profitable.

Across Ocean Freight, Inter-modal Shipments, Rail, Truckload, Less-Than-Truckload, and Small Parcel, our clients average 25% savings on transportation costs

Zimmertec’s experience and proven approach unlocks savings – from instantly realized transactional savings through reduced rates, to long-term operational improvement savings that keep rolling out as the data streams in. This focus on data analytics and real-time market benchmarking will guide how ships are loaded, how trucks are turned, how schedules are changed, and how communications are made to ensure timely delivery.

Keeping tabs on a constantly evolving industry

Through a rigorous process and by bringing our client’s needs to the global market, we identify low-cost, high-quality providers – including innovative, newly emerging companies that might go unnoticed in a more superficial search. Working closely with our sourcing groups around the world, we provide our clients with swift solutions to sourcing and transportation that are uniquely suited to their businesses. Yet the results are remarkably consistent: we cut both near-term and long-term costs and improve operating benefits to hone a sharp competitive edge for our clients.

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