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Best-Cost Country Sourcing

A comprehensive approach designed to drive value, improve quality and enhance efficiency.

The world has grown smaller than ever. Geographic proximity no longer limits your company’s supplier options for purchasing materials, components, and other essential services.

Whether you’re buying electrical components from Southeast Asia, or metal fabrications from Mexico, Zimmertec AG’s Best-Cost Country Sourcing leverages the global marketplace to drive bottom line value and improve overall quality and efficiency. With decades of experience and global sourcing expertise, we can help you with an approach that’s equal parts qualitative and quantitative.

  • The only source of knowledge is experience

    Albert Einstein

Price is only part of the equation

Price is not the only metric that defines our Best-Cost Country Sourcing practice. We’ve watched the differences in supplier quality become clear over time. Alongside competitive pricing, striking a balance between cost and quality makes the critical difference. By sharing our supplier assessments, we’ll work with you to find a harmony of supply chain partners that optimizes every aspect of your business – from material and workmanship quality, to innovation and new product design, to engineering support and vendor-managed inventory programs. Through our holistic process, you get a solution tailored to achieve your strategic goals.

“Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.”

Warren Buffet

Creating local presence in a global economy

Setting up global and regional procurement offices, as we’ve done with multiple Fortune 1000 companies, is part of our strategy to sustain relationships with Best-Cost Country suppliers. We hire and train local talent to overcome the challenges of communication and local customs, and quickly engage them with projects across dozens of product categories. To support this team, we embed our own people for 6-24 month rotations to establish best practices in strategy, operations, organization, and IT, so ultimately, you can run these offices on your own from the strong foundation we built together.

Our all-in approach to localization differentiates us from brokers and HR firms, but we do it because it’s what our clients need – a proven method for meeting their sourcing targets. By making personal, local connections, together we can ensure that the quality and timeliness of your supply chain meets your standards and your sourcing targets. With inroads made and a global supply chain up and running, your company will be in position to break into new markets and emerge as a true global leader in your industry much faster with sustainability for long-term success.

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